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FAQ - Active Furniture Removals

– You’ll save more if you can be flexible on date and time.
– If possible, schedule your move for a less busy time of the month (between the 5th and the 25th). – Stay away from the beginning and ending of the month, as well as the last weekend of the month.
– If you move the smaller boxes and loose items yourself, the volume of your load will be reduced, and we will only be responsible for moving the larger items.

In order to provide you with the most cost-effective estimate, we use our standard inventory list to figure out the optimal combination of moving vehicle and moving crew for your move.

Alternately, we can come to your home or place of business and conduct a survey at no additional charge, or we can provide you with a quote over the phone (for smaller moves).

You certainly can, but doing so is not something we recommend. By filling out our standard inventory list, you will ensure that we receive all of the information that we require in order to provide you with an accurate estimate.

Every Active Furniture Removals quote is based on:

– The finished inventory list, which details the dimensions of the truck that will be required for the move.
– Whether you are moving across town or across the country. We do not charge on a per-kilometer basis because we service all major routes on a daily basis.
– The time of the month: moving in the middle of the month can be up to thirty percent less expensive.
– The convenience of getting to your house or office.

Definitely! In addition, we provide a depot-to-depot (drop-off and pick-up) option that will save you money.

Yes, but they have to be of a high quality and, ideally, they should have two walls. We are unable to accept items that are packaged in plastic bags and do not recommend using used supermarket boxes.

Active Furniture Removals only provides and utilizes double-walled boxes of the highest possible quality.

Packer blankets are standard equipment on every single Active Furniture Removals truck. However, to reduce the likelihood of any damage occurring, we strongly advise using our specialized wrapping and packing services.

– These are more compact trucks or bakkies, and we use them in situations where one of our larger trucks cannot enter your premises and the distance that must be carried is greater than 25 meters. – Using the shuttle vehicle, your belongings are moved from your home to the larger truck after they have been collected. – Additional fees will be assessed for the use of shuttle vehicles.

This does occur from time to time; in the event that it does, simply give us a call and we will move it to the next available date.

It is strongly recommended that you always keep valuable possessions such as jewelry, cell phones, and computers on your person at all times.

Yes, we are able to; however, when you make your reservation, you will need to specify this in the inventory. CLICK HERE for a quote