Movers Pretoria: We make moving effortless. Our one-of-a-kind part load service, also known as shared moving trucks, was developed in order to be more cost effective and efficient. Our shared load movers are available to transport freight along all of South Africa’s major routes, including those that connect Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Durban.

The Movers of Our Shared Load

Active Furniture Removals provides a comprehensive range of shared load services, including expert packing, office relocation, residential and home relocation, and residential moves. Any of the following add-ons are included in our part-load moving service at no additional cost to you: Packaging, packaging using the best materials, moving boxes for sale, bubble wrap, assembly and re-assembly, as well as short-term and long-term storage options are all services that we provide. Sharing a load or a portion of a load on a truck can save you money and reduce the amount of stress you experience, but it can take more time than operating your own dedicated truck.

This is the case because when we transport a shared load of goods, we are required to make one or two additional drop offs, both of which require us to travel within the city, which consumes time. Because of this, the delivery process might take a little longer, but you won’t need to worry about the safety of your possessions because we guarantee that they won’t be handled until we reach the location where they are to be delivered.

What exactly does “Share Loading” mean?

Active Furniture Removals possesses a nationwide infrastructure consisting of large trucks that are able to transport multiple households along with their associated loads. For the convenience of all of our clients who require removal services for households of any size, we have pooled our resources in order to improve both our efficiency and our pricing structure. Despite the fact that each truck has the capacity to hold approximately three large four-bedroom houses, the majority of our customers’ loads are either half as large or smaller than the typical four-bedroom home.

Our customers have found that utilizing our coordinated share load network in conjunction with Share Load is an excellent way to move their goods on a national scale. Share loads allow multiple customers to split the cost of renting a truck that is already traveling in the direction of their desired destination. As a result, each customer only pays a portion of the total cost of renting the truck. The long-distance furniture removal service provided by share loading is one that is both efficient and effective.

The Advantages of Utilizing Shared Loading

This is an excellent way to cut costs while ensuring that you collaborate with a skilled and focused long-distance furniture removal team that covers all areas of South Africa – Moving between Durban and Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, and Johannesburg to East London are some of our primary routes.

Massive Cost Reductions on Removals When Moving Over a Long Distance:

  1. Each week, there are two of our trucks that travel between the different provinces.
  2. The use of shared loading is extremely secure due to the fact that we compartmentalize each customer.
  3. Each shared load is meticulously packed, secured, protected, and managed on the truck to guarantee that all of your items will reach their destination without incident.
  4. We offer the full range of services and packaging options so that all of your goods can be protected, secured, and managed by making use of our blankets, packaging, and packing options.
  5. Upon collection, a comprehensive inventory list is written out.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Prepare for Your Upcoming Furniture Removal

  1. A specific indication from our customers regarding all of their packing and protective packaging needs prior to the arrival of the truck to collect it.
  2. You are to place all of the items that are loose into boxes.
  3. Store all of your valuables, including your identification documents, passports, and keys, in a secure location that you can easily recall.
  4. Ensure that you have provided your moving consultant with an accurate inventory of the items that are going to be relocated. The information and inventory that has been provided by our customers is used in the process of allocating and planning the space in the trucks.
  5. Inform your insurance agent that you will be moving, as soon as possible.

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