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Tips - Logistics an Electronics

Furniture Removal Tips: Logistics and Electronics

We know that moving can be a stressful experience and that you need all the help that you can get. Furniture removals are our specialty and we have some tips on what to consider when planning logistics and packing your electronic equipment. Use these tips to make your life easier when planning and executing your move.

What should I consider about the logistics around my move?

If you are looking for a furniture removal company, remember to check the following when requesting a quote:

  • Check for any arches, narrow gates, low hanging tree branches, panhandles, or anything that might cause a restriction to the removal trucks.
  • Check your complex regulations on bringing removal trucks inside the premises, as additional costs will apply for Shuttle with bakkies when furniture needs to be carried more than 50m.
  • Furniture removal companies will only remove items that are listed and on your household inventory list – be sure to include everything when submitting your inventory, including loose items.
  • Furniture removal companies tend to give low Tariffs for Middle Month Moving and Relocations. The Peak season for Furniture Removals is during the school holidays and also in the beginning and the end of the month. If you can avoid moving during these times it will result in saving on the costs of your relocation.
  • Keep in mind that if you decide to change the total amount of items on your inventory list, the total cost of your move will change so inform your moving company of any changes.
  • If you are tight on budget and are planning a Long Distance Removal, request whether your furniture removal company does share or part loads. If you are flexible with your dates and time, you can save costs significantly by utilizing this service.

What is the best way to pack my electronics and Computer equipment?

  • Manuals: Consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions regarding transporting computers, big screen TV’s, surround systems, DVD players, VCR’s and stereo equipment.
  • Records: Create a complete list of all electronic and computer equipment (with serial numbers) prior to the move and safeguard the list. You can refer back to this should you need to.
  • Back Up all of the Software used on your Computers as a caution
  • Preparation: Remove and seal tightly all liquids and powders from photocopiers, printers, fax machine and other equipment.
  • Disconnect all wiring and cables before your furniture removal company arrives for the Removal. Keep all components together and their boxes clearly labeled.
  • DSTV Dishes: Removal companies are not permitted to take down TV antennas or satellite dishes, so be sure to make arrangements with your local cable company
  • Articles under lease or guarantee: Confirm authorization for the move with different suppliers for the removal of computers, photocopiers, fax and telephone equipment, laboratory equipment and pot plants under lease.

As you can see, there are various ways to ensure that your move is as smooth as possible.

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