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Moving offices across the hall, inside a building, suburb to suburb or to another town can involve a lot more than the average person thinks of. This can lead to a truly chaotic time and a great deal of strain. Aside from having to pack all of your belongings inside boxes, wrapping computers, dismantling and re-assembling of desks, etc. there is the issue of transporting all these items to the new premises.

Moving your business or office needs careful pre-planning. Widely regarded as one of the best office removal companies, Active Removals will assist you to ensure that the whole office relocation goes smoothly. It’s as easy as picking up the phone. We will be happy to dispatch one of our representative to your business premises to appraise and to discuss the forthcoming relocation with you.

As a professional office moving company, our corporate moving services will take care of your relocation, so you can focus on the important things.

Moving Office Furniture Made Easy

With Active Furniture Removals moving your office furniture is a hassle-free process. You can rest assured that your tables, desks, chairs, cabinets, computers and other furniture will be delivered safely to your new office.

Planning the Office Move

  • Assign an internal Project Manager to oversee the removal process, keep communication open and to update everyone involved in the moving process.
  • Provide a full inventory of the office furniture and other items to be moved. Now is a good time to review your current office furniture and to decide what needs to be replaced, upgraded or repaired.
  • Schedule and explain your office move objectives in detail for the execution of the move.
  • What is the planned relocation date?
  • Identify the tasks that must be prioritized and done in advance.
  • Confirm the replacement value of your office furniture and the total value of insurance.
  • Please provide the exact loading and offloading addresses and if necessary arrange for security and scheduled parking. Check your old as well as new building for any restrictions of access, the availability of elevators and the stairs.
  • Ensure you are well informed with building rules and regulations before the office removal process starts.

Packing and Wrapping for the Office Move

  • Active Office Removals can provide all your packing and wrapping materials such as bubble wrap, tape, marker pens, fragile stickers, white paper and cutting knives.
  • Along with packing it is very important to label every piece of furniture and equipment that is packed up. This will not only help the office moving personnel to ensure everything is correctly placed, but also help employees to direct items in the new surroundings.
  • If something is separated into several pieces or sections, remember each part must be labelled.
  • Establish a packing schedule and determine what can be packed in advance so that business can continue to operate as efficiently as possible during the office moving process.
  • When it comes to dismantling or reassembling your office equipment, Active Office Removals is well equipped to ensure the process is a Peace of Mind experience.

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