Active Furniture Removals


Things to keep in mind when doing a shared move

Whether you are relocating to the coast or moving to Lephalale, saving time and money are usually important factors to take into consideration when moving from city to city.

One way of saving money for the upcoming project is to make use of a part or share load. Sharing the cost for the trip with other clients will go a long way to reduce the removal cost.

We will need a full and complete inventory of all items to be moved. This will also be a good starting point for you to consider which items are to be sold, donated or thrown away.

Please remember that the journey will not be without its interesting little deviations. Potholes and unkept roads are a reality in our beautiful country and many roads are not maintained in great shape throughout the year. An x-tra layer of plastic and bubble wrap will not only help to protect your articles but will also keep dust from settling into unwanted areas and spaces. Fragile items such as picture frames must be wrapped and then packed carefully into crates or boxes. There is a special way of packing most items as to ensure maximum protection for your goods.

In order that you enjoy your new home from the very first day the professional services of an experienced and trusted removals company should not be taken for granted. For this reason, please specify on your inventory list any problems like panhandles, narrow gates or arches at either the collection or delivery addresses. We need to plan for each trip to deliver a personal and reliable service during the removal process.

It is always important to be comfortable with the level of service you receive even prior to the move itself. Active Furniture Removals has been in the business for 20 years and giving each client, a peace of mind experience has been our motto from the beginning.