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Local Furniture Removals Company based in Pretoria and serving Johannesburg


Everybody knows that moving is a time consuming task that needs to be done the right way to ensure the safety and security of your household contents during transit. However, not everybody knows how to correctly implement the number of moving solutions to make the entire experience more convenient and efficient.

The first item on your checklist for a successful move is to find a reliable and reputable moving company to provide you with the necessary assistance. As one of the furniture removal companies in Pretoria, Active Transport is your number 1 choice for a peace of mind move.


THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN YOU ARE RELOCATING[dt_list style=\”1\” bullet_position=\”middle\” dividers=\”true\”]

  • A Full and Detailed List of ALL items (remember the loose stuff, attic, garage and basements) will be compulsory! Quotes are based on the Volume, Distance and Date of Removal.
  • Our Fleet ranges from 3 Ton Trucks to 14 Ton Horse and Trailer Interlinks and therefore we need a detailed Inventory of your items to estimate which vehicle will satisfy your needs.
  • Only items listed on the inventory list will be loaded onto our Removal vehicles! Keep in mind that if you decide to take more items or take fewer items the total cost of your move will change. Inform the mover of any changes.
  • Ensure that trucks heavier than 3 Tons are allowed in the complex if applicable. Truck Heights are between 3.6 and 4.3m. Please check for arches, narrow gates, low hanging tree branches, panhandles, availability of lifts or anything that might cause a restriction to the trucks.
  • Additional costs will apply for a Shuttle with “Bakkies” when furniture needs to be carried more than 30meters.[/dt_list]


The Peak seasons for Furniture Removals are during the school holidays and also in the beginning and the end of the month. If you can avoid moving during these times it will result in saving considerably on the costs of your relocation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]