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When Is The Best Time To Move?

When is the best time to move?

We are frequently asked, ‘When is the best time to move?’. We know that moving house is stressful any time of the year, but there a few periods which may inevitably prove more or less so. By planning around these seasonal certainties, you are more likely to suffer less hassle and rather enjoy the excitement and the challenge of the move.

Is There A Best Year?

While it’s sounds great to place your faith in a ‘lucky year’, for the most part it’s rarely possible to put off moving house for extended periods of time in favour of moving in a year ending in the number 7. So long as your most basic needs such as job security and financial security are in place, ou can begin planning your move.

Spring And Autumn

As far as seasons go however, this is a more important consideration. The best season is often when it is neither too hot nor too cold, rain too can not only dampen your spirits, but also your antique furniture – which is less likely to weather well under such circumstances.

School Holidays

It is also important to take public and school holidays into account. Movers are unlikely to work on public holidays. As for school holidays, your children will also play an important role in the setting up of their own bedrooms, which ultimately serves to lessen the burden of the move from your shoulders.

The Best Day Of The Week And Month

The day of the week to move is actually in the middle of the week as furniture removals companies tend to be less busy. They are also quieter during the middle of the month as opposed to the beginning of the month.

Unfortunately not many people have this level of flexibility in their work or finances; as they may be forced to pay the rent for both homes during the course of the moving month, alternatively they may have to pay occupational rent for their ‘old’ home if they have bought a new house.

Planning around important events

Be it Christmas or Ramadan, Diwali or Passover, if it’s important to you, plan for it in advance. Even if you have no intention of hosting such event, these holidays still require the time and energy which you may need to divert to packing or unpacking. Rather allow yourself time to enjoy these special occasions.

Moving Far Away

In the instances where families move to different provinces or even different countries, it is of utmost importance to plan the exact day and month of the move. When you are in a foreign place, settling in can take just that bit longer. This means that your family will need to get their bearings in advance, before starting a new job, new school or new university.

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