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The Effect of an Office Move on Employees.

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can go through. As an employer the relocation of your office will not only affect your life but your employees’ lives as well. Many employees will reconsider their employment.

The relocation of an office can happen for many reasons, whether it because of downsizing, expansion, relocating closer to your client-base, visibility or low-cost real estate. This change will disrupt your employees’ work and personal lives.

It is important to take the following into consideration when arranging the move:


1. Keep Communicating

As soon as all the organization is done from your side let your employees know about the move. Identify your moving company, the date of the move, and the address of the new office space. Inform employees of their duties including which items they need to pack up and if they are responsible for their own personal items or office. Communicating with employees on a regular basis about the move is crucial to keep them in the loop. Also, provide a timeline of how the move will proceed, what their role will be and what you expect from them.


2. A new location will mean different Commute Routes.

Do your research on the type of public transportation available; make sure to mark the closes drop-off sites. Place special focus on heavy traffic roads, heavy traffic time and alternative routes to the new office space. The more your employees know the easier the transition will be.
Use your employee database to find out which employees will be commuting the farthest to the new office. Bring solutions forward to affected employees. This can include the above mentioned alternative routes, ride along clubs, helping out with transit fees or parking spaces. If you cannot offer any incentives make sure to provide employees with the information to allow them to make informed decisions about their future at the company.


3. The availability of Parking

Let employees know if there will be a change in parking space and if they’ll have to pay for parking. Ask employees what they require so you can try to provide enough parking for everyone who needs it.
It there is not enough parking available at the new space be sure to alert employees of alternative parking available at locations close by and provide them with a parking allowance or security guards for cars parked on the street.


4. Get employees Involved with the new space

Consider taking an afternoon off to visit the new area with your employees. Give your employees time to see their new office space and the surrounding area. This will give your employees a visual idea of the future space, easing the transition.
Be open to your staff’s opinions on how the new office space should be set up, organized and structured for efficiency. Find out what did and did not work in the previous space and apply that to the new office. Employees are the experts when it comes to improving the work environment as well as the flow of the office.
The more staff becomes involved in the decision-making process, the greater staff enjoyment and overall working environment in the new space will be. This will lead to team support and emotional investment. This is essential to keep morale high during the difficult relocation time.


5. Get the know the New Community

Employees will have their favourite restaurants, coffee shops and business-related services located in the old neighbourhood. Research the new office location. Create an information package about the new neighbourhood, identifying local businesses in the new area. Make sure to include restaurants, cafes, gyms, day-cares, dry cleaners and grocery stores.

Moving your office not only affects you but your employees as well. By following the above mentioned tips and advice you can make the transition as easy as possible. Your move happened because it is the best thing for your bottom line. But your employee needs should always be considered just as important. Provide them with an outlet, like feedback forms, where they can express their concerns, ask questions and get answers.

Happy employees equal a happy move. Remember, a move is a great time to confirm a company\’s standards and reinvent your office space.

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