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Recycling your Office Furniture

All you need to know

In the world of hipsters, thrift fair and general throwback to the simple life nothing is ever too old or too used. Unfortunately unless your Office Items are still new, there is no real resale market, but all is not lost since there is the option to Recycle Office Furniture.

Plastic, wood, glass and metal are common materials used in handmade furniture and are all recyclable. Due to the mixed materials found in furniture, recycling can be tricky but not impossible. Just make sure you separate each resource.


Plastic Recycling

The plastic will be sorted by color and chemistry. The plastic recyclables are then torn into pieces. These pieces of fragmented plastic then undergo the process to remove any impurities like paper used to make labels. This broken-down material is then melted, bailed and casted to into a new reusable form.


Wood Recycling

The wood will be mulched and used as ground cover or in other wood products. Due to the chemicals used to create pressed and treated wood there will be some limitation to the recycling. Wood that cannot be recycled completely will be turned into waste, reused, or as a last resort moved to a land filled.


Glass Recycling

Glass will be separated in classes according to color and chemistry. The glass will be crushed and melted into a reusable form. The materials that make up glass can easily be recycled without lose or damage to the fibers, creating a very convenient process.


Metal Recycling

The metal will be separated by ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It will then be bailed and processed into its original product form. From that point it will be introduced to the commodities market.


Frequent asked Questions about Furniture Recycling:


1. What type of furniture is allowed in recycling bins?

All types of office furniture and equipment can be considered for recycling. In South Africa you will need to arrange special pick-up for big items. It is easier to organize with a Furniture Recycling Company, because they have the equipment, manpower and connections to recycling plants. Furthermore consider donating to charity your old usable furniture.


2. Does the size or the weight of the furniture matter?

Because our municipalities do not offer this service, the only restrictions found are those offered by Office Removal Companies. These companies usually send a representative for a walk through and will offer a strategy.


3. Is it necessary to take furniture apart before I recycle it?

You do not need to take furniture apart before recycling it. However, the pickup service you use may ask you to take-off doors, drawers or glass to prevent injuries to their staff or the item itself. Or they might ask you to tape down the door, or any other moving parts, of the furniture.


The company helping with the Office Recycling Service needs to provide the following:

• Labor
• Equipment to dismantle and remove furniture
• Moving equipment
• A Scope of your removal needs
• Summary of recycled and donated items


In the end it will come down to either do it yourself or to sit back and relax while you hire a professional.

By recycling your office furniture you are saving our natural resources and giving new life to something old.


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