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Moving Leased Equipment during an Office Move

The statement “Not my furniture, not my problem,” is a sentiment many share. But the subject of moving Leased Office Equipment is not that simple. Except if you are a professional Office Removal Company.Most equipment vendors require prior approval before movers are allowed to move rented equipment. This is because of liability issues.

Relocating your office is dirty, messy and loud. Things get lost, broken or forgotten. Someone always ends up in tears. It is a lot like taking your toddler grocery shopping.

The day starts of well. Lists are made, bags are packed and everyone is in a good mood, until the doors open and the dark reality of the situation sets in. You are alone, faced with controlling the uncontrollable.


Here are the top 10 tips on surviving your Office Relocation:


1. The Split

You start the trip with the trolley in one hand and your toddler in the other. In aisle two he escapes your iron grip

Identify which office furniture and equipment is leased. If an item falls under leased equipment, the leasing company needs to be notified. Many leasing companies insist on moving these items themselves.

Most leased photocopiers, plants and vending machines are to be moved by the leasing company. This can seriously complicate moving day. You should notify the leasing company of the new address as soon as possible. This is a mandatory requirement on all copier leases


2. The check-up

This is where the tantrums start.

Many electronic machinery and equipment requires servicing before being moved. Confirm with you suppliers whether any precautions should be taken when moving items like:

• Computers
• Photocopiers
• Fax and telephone equipment
• Laboratory equipment
Pot plants on lease

They should be notified of your upcoming relocation goals. Most companies have service or leasing agreements that insists on the servicing of machinery.


3. The shut-down

After the high comes the low. Your toddler has tuckered himself out and is now asleep on a loaf of bread. Your relief last as long as the next aisle. Where will the rest of the groceries go?

Power down and unplug the copier and other equipment. Detach all network cables; wind the cable properly and secure them. Let the equipment cool down before removing any parts from the device.


4. Wrap-up

You now have TWO trollies. Makes sure the food goes into the trolley without the sleeping baby.

Each bag or box should be labelled with the offloading address to help ensure it gets paired back with the right machine at your new location. Before the office relocation, print a configuration page and keep a copy on the copier glass or platen.


5. Contain-it

Up next are the dreaded sweets, chocolate and chip aisle. The smell wakes him up and like a shot he tears through the aisle.

Chances are you won’t have kept every box for every piece of hardware in your office. Packing and Wrapping all items will help to keep all the individual parts safe during the relocation process.


6. Disconnect

You finally just give up your phone as a distraction.

Hire a IT specialist to disconnect your computers and networks, pack them up and set them up again. Make sure a dedicated power source and network is available for your copier and any other equipment.


7. Cover it up

Sweep the broken bottle, open containers and half eaten cookies under the closest aisle.

Check with your insurance company to make sure all equipment is adequately covered under your existing policy during the office move.


8. The safety net

After the path of destruction left by your toddler, he is strapped in the seat of trolley number one.

Keep all equipment manuals and service logs in a centralized location during the office removal to keep them from being misplaced.


9. Stay connected

Toddler in the seat, trolley in each hand and a handbag tucked beneath your arm.

It is important to keep track of all removable accessories, equipment cables, power cords and phone wiring. Keep track of all office equipment by labelling them accordingly.


10. Leave it

You just leave it all behind, grab your (now very happy) baby and storm out. In the end you know this trip was not worth it, a far better option is to leave your toddler at home with the nanny.

Identify your losses and mark everything that the office furniture removers cannot relocate, either because of legal reasons or the fact that certain goods need to go into a storage facility.

Let us be your nanny, let us be your Active Furniture Removal Company


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